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JobTarget Quick Start Guide

Get started with JobTarget!

All of your JobTarget jobs, tools, and products are accessible through the JobTarget Platform. In this article, we'll take you through the basics to help you get started posting your jobs.

The JobTarget Dashboard

The dashboard has all of your applications and tools to help you post and manage your JobTarget jobs. 

What can you do in the JobTarget Platform?

Your JobTarget products are accessible through the dashboard or menu. 

Marketplace: The JobTarget Marketplace holds over 25,000 job sites to advertise your jobs to. Add as many job sites as you like, and we will distribute and post your job postings to the sites. 

๐Ÿ“„ View the Marketplace User Guide to learn more about using Marketplace.

Programmatic: Manage your Programmatic jobs and monitor their performance. Purchase required.

๐Ÿ“„ View the Programmatic Campaign User Guide to learn more about managing your Campaigns.

Candidate Manager: View and manage all your candidates in one place.

๐Ÿ“„ View the Candidate Manager User Guide to learn more about managing your applicants in JobTarget.

Advertising Reports: Track and manage your ad performance.

Job Manager: View, manage, and advertise your jobs.

๐Ÿ“„ View the Job Manager User Guide to learn more about managing your jobs.

Sourcer: Perform a single search across resume sources, identify candidates that fit your criteria, and unlock their contact details to get in touch. Purchase required.

๐Ÿ“„ View the Sourcer User Guide to learn more about searching for and reaching out to candidates.

Inventory Manager: Post your jobs using existing job site contracts, credits, subscriptions, or login credentials by uploading them to Inventory Manager. Inventory required.

๐Ÿ“„ View the Inventory Manager User Guide to learn more.

JobTarget Marketplace

In most cases, JobTarget Marketplace will be the first place you land when you enter the platform. 

Marketplace has over 25,000 job sites for you to use to post your jobs. You can find the right job site for your job with:

  • A simple search
  • Selecting from popular sites
  • Automated programmatic advertising
  • Utilizing existing job site contracts and subscriptions
  • Adding your preferred job sites to your favorites

How do I post a job?

Post your job to the Marketplace in 4 simple steps.

  1. Select a job.
  2. Go to Marketplace and choose the sites you want to advertise to.
  3. Click on Next and confirm your job details and any additional information required by the job sites.
  4. Review your order and check out!

๐Ÿ“ฃ Check out our Infographic: What To Expect After Purchasing Through Marketplace to familiarize yourself with what happens next.

How do I find job sites to advertise to?

Search for specific job sites: To find a specific job site, locate the search bar towards the top of the page and start typing the job site name. The site you are searching for should populate below and appear with the pricing information. If not, feel free to reach out to support@jobtarget.com to request the job board to be added.

Discover a new job site: Think of the search function like a search engine for job sites. For example, when there is a topic or keyword you would like to explore on the internet, you type your topic or keyword, and the related sites will show below. You could search for a job site by typing the following:

  • Position Title
  • Job Location
  • Job Sector or Industry
  • Job Site Type

Select from popular job sites: The popular sites category will have job sites that both employers and job seekers all know and love. Easily post to job sites with high job seeker traffic in this section of the Marketplace 

Utilizing Existing Site Contracts/Inventory: Manage and utilize your job site contracts in one place to post to the site with ease. Check out the Inventory Manager User Guide here

Programmatic Advertising: JobTarget Programmatic is a fully automated solution that posts your job across 70+ leading and niche sites. Our algorithms evaluate your adโ€™s performance and determine where they will be the most effective, based on actual job seeker behaviors and other data collection.

๐Ÿ“ฃ Check out Programmatic Job Advertising 101 to learn more about programmatic advertising.

Adding Job Sites to My Favorites: Store all your preferred job sites in the My Favorites bar. To add a site to your Favorites, click on "Info/Options" and then select "Add to Favorites". Now, your job site will appear in My Favorites for easy access to post later.

Advertising Reports

View your job performance and analytical data to keep track of your ads and performance trends. You can customize performance reports for all your jobs or a specific job or site and download it for your records โ€“ or to share with your team.

Getting Started | FAQs

How Can I log into JobTarget?

There are a few ways to access JobTarget depending on your set up. Please connect with your dedicated Relationship Manager or JobTarget Support who can assist.

What if a job site isnโ€™t available?

No problem! You can request to add the job site by emailing support@jobtarget.com with the site name and URL, and we will reach back out to confirm if we can add the site.

Can I purchase job site contracts and subscriptions in the Marketplace?

Our Media Services team can work with you to create a recruitment advertising strategy and purchase job site subscriptions/contracts that best suit your hiring needs. Media Services can help you save time and money by purchasing job site subscriptions through JobTarget.

Where is my job?

You can view the status of your job posting in Job Manager. See the Job Manager User Guide for more information.

Can I still edit a job posting if it is live on the job site?

Yes, you can make the changes to your job on your career page and in Job Manager. Once completed JobTarget will send updates to the posted sites. Updates take approximately 24 hours to be sent out to the intended job board(s).

How do I stop a job?

Use the search bar in Job Manager and navigate to the job posting you would like to remove or stop on external job sites. When you locate the job, click on the three dots located on the right side of the job card and select the โ€œStop Jobโ€ button from the drop-down menu.  

What is Programmatic and whatโ€™s the difference between Programmatic Campaigns and Programmatic Singles?

Programmatic automates posting your job ads across 70+ leading and niche job sites. Click here to learn more about which Programmatic product is right for you.

How would my organization be billed for purchases on JobTarget?

Depending on your billing structure, it will be billed by invoice or credit card.