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How can I get help?

Whether you need to troubleshoot an issue with a job posting or want to plan the next steps in your recruitment strategy, the JobTarget team is here to help! 

As a JobTarget customer, you have access to a strategic team to support you. This team is made up of a Customer Success Specialist, a Relationship Manager, and a Media Specialist. 

💬 You can get in touch with your assigned Relationship Manager and Customer Success Specialist through email, or, submit this form, and they'll be in touch shortly.

General Support Mailbox: support@jobtarget.com

General Support Phone: +1.860.440.0635

Customer Success

Issues & Troubleshooting

JobTarget's Customer Success experts can help you with your account set up, product questions, and platform walkthroughs. 

Relationship Manager

Recruitment Strategy & Advice

Think of your JobTarget Relationship Manager as an extension of your in-house team. They will talk through your goals with you and help you put together a strategy to meet them. They can introduce you to new products and techniques and help you optimize your ads as you go.  

Media Strategist 

Manage job site contracts & media recommendations

You also have access to a Media Strategist as part of your JobTarget  team. Your Media Strategist can help you by managing and negotiating your job site contracts, providing recommendations for what sites to work with to achieve your goals, and help with custom advertising strategies like Google ad campaigns, text and email campaigns, and hiring events.

💬 Your Relationship Manger can put you in touch with a Media Strategist or you can submit this form.