What do the job statuses in our account mean?

In order to review the statuses related to a particular requisition, navigate to the "My Jobs" page of your JobTarget account and then click on the title of the desired position.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and take a look at the "Active Job Sites" information box, as pictured below.

Job Posting Status view in My Jobs Page

Job Status Defined

  • * Action Required: Additional information or action is required from the job poster.
  • * Account Creation in Process: Some job sites require that an employer-specific account is created in order to submit your jobs.  The first time you order a job to a site with these requirements, we will create an account there on your behalf.  Please note that this adds additional time to our posting process, dependent on how long the account setup process takes.  University and state job sites are among those with this requirement.
  • * Posting Submission Delayed: An issue has occurred during the submission process, which JobTarget is aware of and working to resolve.  Our posting team will reach out to you if we require assistance or additional information.
  • * Delivery in Process: We are working on delivering the job to the site; 24-48 hours is the expected time frame for delivery to most sites.
  • * Delivered to Job Site Investigating Delay: We have delivered the job but cannot view the posting on the site.  In this instance, we will contact the job site to identify and resolve the problem.
  • * Delivered to Job Site:  Your job has been submitted to the job site.  This is the final posting status some jobs will receive, as not all job sites provide us proof of the ad.
  • * Posted and Confirmed: We have confirm that the job is posted on the site and are able to provide a link and/or screenshot (proof) of the ad. Please note that we may not be able to confirm this for sites that require a paid membership or job seekers to be students or alumni of the university to view posted jobs, or Indeed jobs - these jobs will instead be marked "Delivered to Job Site" as noted above.
  • * Updates in Process: We are working on delivering a requested edit to the site.
  • * Removal in Process: A request to stop the job is being processed.
  • * Posting Removal Delayed: We are processing the request to remove an ad but have encountered a delay, which we are working with the site to resolve.

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