How to manage my jobs

To view a video on how to manage your Jobs, click here

To manage your jobs, take a look at the Job Activity section. Within this section you can see the total number of active jobs, jobs waiting to be distributed (unposted jobs), as well as your expired jobs - please note that this section pertains to activity for the last 30 days. 

If you would like a more detailed view of your jobs you can click on the My Jobs tile in the Dashboard. Once you are on this page you have the ability to search jobs by Job Name, Job Title, or by Job Site. To filter your results even further you can select the Active Jobs, Expired Jobs, or Unposted jobs links to display a list of jobs in the selected status.

From the Active Jobs page you can click on the pencil to edit an already posted position, use the "add more sites" button post to more sites, or click the circle to stop the job (hover over the icons to see exactly what they're for). There is also a line graph icon next to each job; click it to see basic analytics about the job.

From Unposted Jobs you can find a job that was brought into our system either manually or by a spider where an order was not completed. From the unposted section you can click the "post" button to start the posting process and select which job sites you'd like to advertise on.

From the Expired Jobs you can repost a job by simply clicking on the repost button. This will submit the job to the same media sources that it was previously posted on, or give you the option to add/edit the job sites for advertisement.

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