How to manage Media/Inventory

Manage Media/Inventory

The Media Management tab in the JobTarget Dashboard provides access to view, manage, and update your contract sites, memberships, and subscriptions.

The media management page is permission based and can only be accessed by administrators. Recruiter level users can view their media through the Marketplace tab.  To find out who your account administrator is, please email

Adding New Media and Inventory

Please contact the JobTarget Client Services team to add new contract sites, memberships or subscriptions. Include in your email:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Expiration Date of package
  • Number of Credits/Slots purchased
  • Users/Divisions that should have access to the inventory.
Once JobTarget has been notified of your media purchase, inventory will typically be added to your account within 24 hours. 

JobTarget also offers packaged media solutions for easy online recruiting in key segments. Additional solutions such as PowerPost and Programmatic for broad distribution and brand advertising solutions aimed at strengthening a corporate brand that resonates with job seekers are also available. Need something customized to fit a particular hiring need? JobTarget media experts work with the client to understand the specific goals and build a strategy to deliver on these. Contact your media specialist at

Updating or Renewing Media and Inventory

Note: To update SLOTS, please contact customer support.
Please note that our inventory does not update in real-time or sync with your media sites. If you purchase additional inventory or renew a contract, these changes need to be updated in the JobTarget Platform. View a video on how to update your media, click here.


1. Go to the Media Management tab.
2. Click on the Replenish icon next to the media you need to update. 
3. Complete or update all required fields with an *. Most fields will be pre-filled with information from your original setup. All grayed out fields are for internal use. If your login information has changed, please use the edit tool to make these changes after you've added the new inventory.
4. Click the Replenish button to add the inventory.
5. A new media account will be be displayed in the Media Management page. If your previous inventory is expired or exhausted, click on Remove   to delete the old inventory field.

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