How to manage my billing options

Job posting costs can be paid by Credit Card at the time of purchase, or you can sign up for Monthly Consolidated Invoices.
Consolidated Monthly Billing: Clients have the option to receive monthly consolidated invoices. Your company can select the ability to invoice all orders rather than paying by credit card per order. If you select this option, our Finance team will create a consolidated monthly bill each month that outlines all posting activity and charges.

The bill will be sent via email in excel format to a specified recipient(s). You will only need to remit payment once per month through credit card, wire transfer, or check. The Consolidated Monthly Billing service comes at a cost of $19.95 per month. You can sign up directly with our Finance department:  Please note that they will need the name, email address and physical address of the individual that you would like to designate to receive invoices, plus a statement acknowledging and accepting the $19.95 per month cost.

Credit Card: You can choose to save your credit card for future purchases in your Account. To do so, go to the Account tile in your Dashboard. Then, click Billing to enter your credit card information and save. You can also save a credit card during the posting process. In the Checkout page, you can enter your credit card data and check the box next to Save Credit Card for Future Purchases. 

*To delete a saved credit card, access the Account tile and click Billing. Then, click the trash next to the credit card you wish to remove. 

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