Can I post to State or College job sites?

JobTarget submits ads on all state job sites and many school sites.  All state job sites require that ads are submitted through an employer-specific account, and most school sites also follow this same policy.  While JobTarget's Account Creations team will work to set up accounts for you on these sites, the process is quicker when employers set up their accounts directly--due to requirements like your company's FEIN and other internal data.  

If you already have an account for a specific state or school site, or are able to create one, the login credentials can be emailed to  We will then save them to your JobTarget account and utilize them on any future postings to that site, which will shorten the submission time for these ads.  Please note that if JobTarget creates the account on your behalf, the process averages 2-6 business days, due to the account approval process.  We may need to reach out to you for additional information or assistance (i.e. providing the site approval to create the account), so please make sure that is on your safe sender list.

In order to find a state job site or school site in JobTarget, please utilize the search feature in the marketplace.

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