How long will it take for my job to be posted?

All jobs are submitted within 24 hours, unless they meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • The job board requires an employer-specific account, which we will create on your behalf in order to submit your job (the time to create an account is dependent on the job site) - typically this happens with school and state job sites
  • The job site requires additional information that was not provided at the time of order
  • The login to your account on the job site is no longer functional (i.e. the password needs to be reset)
  • Your inventory, credits or slots have been exhausted. 
If we require your assistance with any of the items above, you will receive an email from our posting support team outlining any obstacles that we have encountered while submitting your order.  

Once we have submitted your job to the job site(s), the account may not be visible immediately due to any of the following:
  • Smaller, free job sites, niche, and collegiate sites may take longer to go live due to their manual posting process, staffing and holidays. These sites can typically take 2-6 business days to go live after we submit the job.
  • The site has an internal approval process (typical with state/government run sites).
  • The site has made unannounced updates to their posting process, which has caused our submission to fail.  In this instance, we will update/repair our posting process with the site and resubmit your job.
If you see a job marked "Action Required" or feel that your job is delayed beyond the guidelines listed above, please contact Client Services at for further assistance.  For a full guide to your positions' submission status, please refer to click here.

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